Our journeys to this place, as stepparents, are probably as diverse as any other human experience.  Perhaps you have had the pleasure of falling in love fast and imagined your love would conquer all.  Maybe you fell more gently, into a deep and satisfying love that feels supported and long-lasting.  Or maybe you are still in the beginning stages, and dating someone with children, and you see it getting serious.

However, you arrived at your step-parenting journey is a story I look forward to hearing.  No matter how you got to this blog and to this place in your life, one thing remains the same: raising stepkids is different.

I created this blog because, three years in, I know there are things I wish I could have had help with at the beginning.  My hope is that this blog serves as a place where step-parents can support one another through taking a positive look at what we can (and can’t) control, give each other tips and hints, and support each other through the journey.  The community here is inclusive of all.

I have three stepkids, SS8, SD10, and SD12.  Their father and I got married in November of 2014.  I do not have any biological children of my own.  We live within ¼ mile of the kids’ mom and I think we do a good job of working together to raise the kids.

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So – as we begin I have two questions:

  1. Seasoned step-parents: what advice to you give to those just beginning their journey?
  2. New or soon to be step-parents: what do you need or want to know from people who have been in the game a bit longer?

In solidarity,